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Balanced Flue Room Heaters

For homes where central heating is not an option i.e radiators, warm air heating, or underfloor heating, there is the option of individual balanced flue room heaters. All they require is to be installed on an outside wall with a gas supply.

drugasar diamond

Drugasar Diamond Fan-Assisted Balanced Flue Gas Wall Heater

DRU Diamond Series heaters, like Art and Style, are balanced flue models, but with the added benefit of electrically driven, forced air convection for quick and effective heating.


They are efficient, reliable heating appliances that can be installed in studios, offices, schools, light industrial premises or in homes. There are three models with heat capacities from 1.8 to 4.4 kW.


The heaters have an  efficency rating of 78%. This is exceptionally good for any commercial heating appliance. It means that, with correct care and maintenance, the heaters will deliver economical office or home heating, with lower fuel bills and lower carbon emissions, making them safe for the environment.


Diamond 18 (1.8kW) : with 450mm flue - £674  with 900mm flue - £678


Diamond 30 (3kW) : with 450mm flue - £807 With 900mm flue - £819.60


Diamond 45 (4.4kW): With 450mm flue - £1033  with 900mm flue - £1044


LPG conversions can be done but only with the 450mm flue.


Internal safety guards are available to prevent contact with the appliance.


Full Installation service available.    Carriage additional £30

drugasar art

Drugasar Art & Horizon Balanced Flue Gas Wall Heaters

DRU Art and Horizon balanced flue gas wall heaters have been used for church heating for many years. They also have many other applications in schools, public buildings, offices and homes.


There are nine versions with heat capacities from 2.5 to 11 kW. They can be run on natural gas or LPG,  need no electrical supply and can be fitted in isolation or to a central timing device.


The heaters have an  energy efficency level of 78%. This is exceptional for any commercial heating device. It means that, with the right care and servicing, the heaters will deliver low-cost church or school heating, with reduced energy costs and carbon emissions, making them safe for people and the planet.


DRU Art and Horizon series balanced flue heaters are smart in appearance, with beige or white outer covers that are discreet and stylish in any commercial or domestic heating location. Art series have regular size enclosures, while Horizon models have a lower height so they can be installed under tall church windows or in limited wall spaces.


Art 2 (2.4kW) - £482

Art 3 (3.5kW) - £756

Art 4 (4kW) - £816

Art 5 (5.4kW) - £996

Art 6 (6.4kW) - £1077

Art 8 (9.5kw) - £1221

Art 10 (11.1kW) - £1350                                    Carriage additional £30


Horizon NL31 (3.1kW) - £846

Horizon NL51 (5.1kW) - £1072


Full Installation service available.

drugasor horizon

Drugasar Art

Drugasar Horizon

All prices include a standard flue.

Additional flues are available at extra cost.

drugasar style

Drugasar Style Slimline Balanced Flue Wall Heater

Style Series gas convector heaters have the same balanced flue system as Art Series, but with a more slimline and contemporary, alu-metallic fascia style.


They are a perfect choice for offices, studios, residences, home annexes and conservatories.


Just like the Art Series, they are suitable for natural gas and LPG and have a selection of heat capacities from 3 – 5.4 kw


The heaters are 78% efficient, an excellent standard for any industrial or domestic heating device. It means that, properly looked after, the heaters will deliver energy-saving office or home heating, with lower gas bills and lower carbon discharges, making them kind to the planet.


DRU Style series gas wall heaters are can be adapted for used with mains gas or Propane. This means that they can be fitted in almost any place, no matter how remote.


Another major benefit of DRU Style series heaters convectors is that they need no electrical connection. They use a battery operated piezo electric ignition.


Style 3 (2.4kW) - £647

tyle 4 (3.5kW) - £706

Style 5 (4kW) - £747

Style 31 (3.1kW) - £996 (more compact)                           Carriage additional £30


Full Installation service available.

All prices include a standard flue.

Additional flues are available at extra cost.

baxi brazilia

Baxi Brazilia Slimline Balanced Flue Gas Wall Heater

Available in various sizes:


The brazilias F5's slim, unobtrusive design makes it the ideal heater for smaller rooms. Its country beige colour blends with any decor. The easy access, manul control at the front of the heater allows for 3 different heat settings - low, medium and high.

1.5kW Heat Output

86% Efficiency

Dimensions (mm) - H391 x W426 x D126 £335


The brazilia F5S, has all the benfits of the F5, but with a choice of mahogany or oak effect side panels.

1.kW Heat Output

86% Efficiency

Dimensions (mm) - H391 x W450 x D128 £365


For larger rooms the 2.3kW heat output of the F8S is up to the task and like the smaller F5S, it comes with a choice of mahogoiny or oak effect side panels and 3 heat settings.

2.3kW heat Output

86% Efficiency

Dimensions (mm) - H430 x W516 x D152 £430


Brazilia F8ST

If you want greater control over the temperature of your room, then the Brazilia F8ST is the model for you. Its thermostatic ‘comfort control’ system allows you to adjust the warmth between 0.8kW and 2.3kW. The ignition and settings are on the front of the heater to enable easy operation. This model is available in country beige finish with oak effect side panels. £522.00


All heaters are natural gas (Optional LPG Conversions are also available)


Full Installation Service Available

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